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[ System assumptions ]

[ Innovative telemetric system ]

  • 21st century - new opportunities
    21st century technology has created new spaces for radio data transmission. Owing to advanced electronic and IT solutions, devices transmitting and receiving radio signals in bands exempt from fees and licenses may today cover any urbanized area. Combined in a network, they become an ideal solution to telemetric problems of companies from heat power, electrical, gas and water supply industries.
  • Apator's original system - from design to product
    Apator Telemetria Spó³ka z o.o. is the creator and manufacturer of an innovative telemetric solution. It includes both data reading and transmitting devices from any type of heat meters, water meters, current and gas meters and nodal peripherals, as well as computer applications managing the system.
[ System functions ]
  • reading, collecting and transmission of data available in meters without limitation as to the quantity
  • readings on request, very small times of access to data
  • data transmission from impulse inputs (e.g. water meters, current and gas meters)
  • possibility of connecting additional sensors to the system (e.g. alarm sensor, flooding sensor, pressure sensor, and other)
  • data transmission to/from regulators and controls - two-way transmission (controlling operation online)
  • coverage of any urbanized area
  • remote update of software and configuration without physical contact with the device
  • each unit is multi-purpose (LAN/radio communication router, signal retransmitter to the next node, telemetric module)
  • full integration with existing IT systems
  • cost-free operation
[ System telemetric system ]
  • remote management and monitoring of node operation
  • data transmission to and from regulators and controls
  • reading of heat meters, water meters, current and gas meters and peripherals without limitation as to the number
  • full integration with existing financial-bookkeeping software
  • state analysis and network management on-line
  • collecting historical data
[ Smart system - Plug&Play ]
  • The system is an "open platform " - fully scalable with business development
  • the system cooperates with any type of devices in the nodes - now and in the future
  • Apator-SUPPORT - guarantee of telemetric system compatibility with engineering solutions applied in future
  • automatic system development together with business development
  • network management from any administrative cockpit
  • NOTE: heat meter, water meter or current or gas meter replacement does not involve the need to replace the telemetric device
[ System elements ]
  • Apator Base module - base station, retransmitter
  • Apator RF Client module - nodal telemetric module
  • City Network application - controller and diagnostic software
  • Ciep³o WWW application - data management software
[ Standard equipment of telemetric modules ]
  • interfaces for communication with meters such as: RS232, RS422, RS485, M-Bus, current loop and other
  • possibility of system expansion with reading, pressure sensors, input/output, flooding, alert sensors, etc.
[ Costs ]
  • system maintenance is cost-free
  • data transmission does not require payment of any subscription
  • there is a possibility to buy the license for a paid band with 2 W broadcasting power
[ Guaranteed quality ]
  • own SMD installation line
  • precision of mounting electronic pieces - 10 µm
  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard-compliant Quality Management System for the design and production process
[ Installation ]
  • does not require additional communication modules
  • does not require specialized installer's equipment
  • installation time - 10 min/node
[ Parameters of radio modules ]
  • module ISM_1: frequency 433 MHz with maximum broadcasting power 10 mW
  • module ISM_2: frequency 868 MHz with maximum broadcasting power 500 mW
  • module ISM_3: frequency 433 MHz with maximum broadcasting power 2 W*
  • module ISM_4: frequency 868 MHz with maximum broadcasting power 2 W*
    *) band licensed by UKE (annual fee from 600 to 2000 PLN)
[ "City Network" application ]
  • visualization of connections between telemetric modules
  • full diagnosis of the operating state of the telemetric network
  • readings on request of all devices connected
  • remote update of working parameters and connections without the need to enter the node
  • remote telemetric module software update
  • network operation optimization by time of access (autorouting)
  • friendly, intuitive graphic interface
[ "Ciep³o - WWW" application ]
  • access to all data possible through public Internet
  • reading and memorization of the state of connected additional measurement units (e.g. water meters)
  • authorization of access to measurement data for selected groups of recipients
  • work in Unix/Linux system
  • software based on SQL database used for collection and ensuring availability of archive measurement data
  • generation of charts: temperature, power, flow, energy, at any preset time
  • collection of information about errors read from the meter
  • errors are decoded and presented in the text form
[ Schematic diagram ]

enlarge scheme
Apator Base Unit: Base Unit type WAN Ethernet module installed e.g. on the roof of a tall building. Radio link to 420-480 MHz, 810-890 MHz, <= 500 mW or higher
Apator PC interface
LAN network
Control unit: energy reading system, invoicing system, regulators management, alert events monitoring;
Apator RF Client
Regulator, controller
Communication hub
Measurement interface: additional water meter, pressure sensor, alarm sensor (PIR).

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