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[ Ciep³o-WWW ]
Ciep³o-WWW application is SQL database based software, used for collection and ensuring availability of archive measurement data. The database offers access to all historical data through the public Internet and incorporates authorization of access to measurement data for selected groups of recipients. One of the application's functionalities is generation of charts: temperature, power, flow, energy and other read parameters in any preset time.
Operating instructions PDF, 35.8 MB

[ City Network ]
City Network application is the "computer heart" of the entire Apator Telemetry System. It visualizes graphically connections between telemetric modules and supervises routing of radio trees. One of program functionalities is reading on request or automatic reading of all or selected devices connected, remote change in working parameters of radiomodems without entering the node, or remote telemetric module software update through the Internet.
Operating instructions PDF, 13.9 MB

[ Microsys Promotic ]
PROMOTIC is complex object-oriented SCADA software tool for development of applications that monitor, control and display technological processes in various industrial spheres. PROMOTIC package contains all necessary components for development of extensive and simple monitoring and control systems.
Microsys Promotic application WWW
Operating instructions WWW

[ Apator Telemetria system ]
Apator Telemetria Spó³ka z o.o. is the creator and manufacturer of an innovative solution dedicated for heating networks in agglomerations. It includes both data reading and transmitting devices from any type of heat meters, water meters and nodal management devices as well as system computer applications.
Introduction to Apator Telemetria system DOC, 100 KB
Apator Telemetria system description DOC, 954 KB
Presentation of Apator Telemetria system PDF, 14.3 MB
Apator Telemetria system scheme PDF, 11.1 MB

[ References ]
Letters of reference from companies where Apator has implemented the original telemetric system.
Sydkraft EC S³upsk WWW, 43 KB
PEC Malbork WWW, 51 KB
MPCK Koksik Reda WWW, 85 KB

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