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[ About the company ]

21st century technology has created new spaces for radio data transmission. Thanks to advanced solutions, devices transmitting and receiving radio signals in bands exempt from any fees and licences may today cover any urbanised area. Combined in a network, they become an ideal solution to telemetric problems of companies from heat power, electrical, gas and water supply industries.

Apator Telemetria Spó³ka z o.o. is the creator and manufacturer of an innovative dedicated solution for heating, power, water and gas networks in agglomerations. It includes both data reading and transmitting devices from any type of heat meters, water meters, electrical power meters and management equipment nodes as well as system IT applications. Our product represents fully the Polish technical thought, thereby breaking the price barrier for access to economical, effective and proven telemetric solutions. We give you an innovative, highly technologically advanced product, at a competitive price. A product to meet your needs.

[ A complex telemetric system ] for heating industry, power industry, water supply systems and gas companies is:

  • reading of heat meters, water meters, current and gas meters and peripherals (e.g. alarm, flooding, entrance sensors, etc.)
  • reading "on request"
  • data transmission to and from regulators and controls
  • state analysis and network management on-line
  • gathering and management of historic data
  • full integration with existing software (e.g. financial-bookkeeping)
  • cooperation with any mass transmission media (optical fibre, LAN network etc.)
  • network management from any administrative cockpit
  • automatic system development together with business development
  • cost-free system maintenance (no fees for data transmission, utilities, etc.)
  • access to all data possible through public Internet
  • fast equipment installation, intuitive operation of the application
Our system has proven its effectiveness in Heat Power Plants in S³upsk, Reda, Wo³omin, Starachowice, Suwa³ki, Stargard Szczeciñski and Malbork. Please read the attached references.

We inform all the parties concerned that our consultants are open to your questions. We treat each client individually, designing a solution each time tailored to your requirements. We encourage you to familiarize in detail with our product.

Telemetry in the so-called wide area networks is a solution for which there is no alternative. However, it is up to your decision whether it will be effective, complex, open to the dynamic growth of the power or water supply sectors and economically justified.

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